Costum made music

Custom made music for your visual & music productions

Do you need a specific sound?

Whether you are a music artist, a film producer or an advertising agency looking for customized music, Blabla Sounds is very happy to start a collaboration with you. As we connect to your production and to your story, we are able to provide inspiring music that fits your project.

How we work​

We make compositions and productions for film, theatre and content creators by tapping into the emotion in the story, concept and imagery. We take our inspiration from old and modern psychedelic music, neo-soul, blues, funk, R&B and classical music. Our productions range from acoustic songs to funk, and from experimental electronic soundscapes to classical cello and surprising fusions of different styles and instruments. What we take as leading is not a limitation of genre, but feel and vision enhanced by knowledge of music styles.

We help you find the sound that you are looking for. Whether you have a clear idea or just a general concept, we translate your ideas into music. 


Our mission is to enrich art with inspiring music that is refreshing and memorable. We make music to support, enhance and transcend.


We take our inspiration from your story. That is why we love to collaborate through custom-made projects. 

Sounds good?