Heart healing

Music Production 

Heart Healing meditation by Fanny Hakstege of Inner Work Therapy.



In January 2023, psychologist Fanny Hakstege of Inner Work Therapy released a guided meditation, which centers on the heart and works on healing its natural energy. A specific frequency that resonates with the heart is 528 Hz.

Our input

Blabla Sounds made the music to this mediation with the heart frequency of 528 Hz at its center, using synthesizer, cello and nature sounds. The challenge was to bring the listener into a mode of relaxation, focus and openness, without taking away their attention from the meditation.

Before all that, we had an additional challenge to detune our instruments a little higher compared to the standard tuning, since 528 Hz does not occur in our most common tuning scale. We moved our tuner from 440 Hz (which is standard) to 444 Hz, retuned the synthesizer and cello and then 528 Hz was to be found in note C5. 


Concept: Fanny Hakstege

Client: Inner Work Therapy

What we did:

  • Music Production
  • Composition
  • Mix

Kolenkit X Blabla Sounds JAM