Music Production | Film Scoring

One soundtrack for six videos by Lennox Schmidt for the exhibition Spraakmakers at Museum Van Loon (2 October until 31 December 2020). See one of the videos below:


Lennox Schmidt made six videos of artworks for Museum Van Loon wherein he brought the artworks to life through his camera movements. These videos and artworks were part of the exhibition Spraakmakers in which artists and art connoisseurs shared their experience of the art objects and added a historical perspective.

Our input

Blabla Sounds developed one soundtrack that matches all videos. We made a cello composition that portrays the movement of the film images, but also symbolizes the movements throughout art history. The majestic sound of the string orchestra emphasizes the beauty of the artworks and represents the aristocracy for whom they were made.

Fun fact: Each video starts with a wheel of fortune in which an artwork is selected out of the six, that is subsequently shown in the video. We needed to make a sound that sounds just like a wheel of fortune, since we do not have one in the studio. We hit every surface in the studio with every (drum)stick we could find end ended up hitting the cart board box of our cello’s bow rosin, that was lying on our particle-board IKEA desk. 


Concept & DOP: Lennox Schmidt

Client: Museum Van Loon

What we did:

  • Music Production
  • Composition
  • Mix

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